Parents play an important part in Shippensburg AYSO.  Whether you are a volunteer or a spectator, you are a part of the team. We depend on all parts of the team to make things work. You can do your part by working with your kids at home, making sure they get to practices and games, and by being a good example.
Encourage all the kids as they learn to play.  Cheer for everyone.  Be respectful of coaches, referees, players and other parents.  Be positive.  Your actions on the sidelines help teach good sportsmanship.  After the games praise your kids for what they did, and help them learn from mistakes.
Want to help?  Ask your child’s coach how you can volunteer.

25 Things to Teach Young Soccer Players- Here is a  list of what coaches and parents should be teaching our young soccer player.
Side Tackling: Is slide tackling allowed in AYSO? Click on the link to find the answer.
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Parents’ Meeting

A meeting is not currently scheduled.