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Section 13- Area I


Soccer Field Dimensions

Below are links that can be used to help with the lay out and lining of the soccer fields each season.

Click on the division to view and print the field dimension.






Full Size (U14 and up)


Helpful tips for lining the fields:


1) You will need to ”square up” the field by measuring diagonally from corner to corner when laying out the fields for the start of the season.
2) When lining the field for the start of the season it is best to paint the lines 3-4 times to insure that you get a good base of paint down for the lines. This will help the lines last longer during the season.
3) Shake (approximately 3 minutes) the paint can before using it. This will help provide better paint coverage and the paint will last longer. If you do not shake the can the paint will not spray evenly and you will waste a lot of paint.
4) The front of the goal posts should be on the front of the goal-line. In other words the goal-line should go goal posts. The goal post should not be off the field.
5) Goals need to be properly anchored after you have lined the field.