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Shippensburg AYSO is proud to announce its second season of the Regional Award Winning, VIP soccer program.  This second season will run from Sept-Oct.   However, this season and all of our events are dependent on having enough players and volunteers.

What is VIP?: The Shippensburg, Region 781, American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Very Important Player (VIP) program, is a program for individuals with disabilities.   This program will offer the opportunity for all players four years of age and older (no upper age limit) to enjoy playing soccer in a fun and safe environment.  The VIP program is not limited to ambulatory players.  Players using wheelchairs, walkers and other assistive devices are welcome to register.  The program expands on the AYSO philosophy of everyone plays and is open to players of all abilities.   Teams will be organized based on age, size and ability level.

For players:  This program will assure a safe and fun environment for all players.   With trained volunteer buddies, coaches and referees, AYSO assures the best possible experience for your VIP player.    AYSO is accepting registration for VIP players electronically and via the mail on a rolling basis.

For volunteers: In order for this program to be successful AYSO is in need of volunteer coaches, buddies and referees.  AYSO will provide the training for individuals in all of these volunteer positions.  The following are some general descriptions of what we are looking for from volunteers in each position:


  1.  Buddies:   Buddies are non-disabled individuals who guide VIP players on the field.  Buddies will play alongside the VIP players in during practices and games and will also play on teams with and even against players in the VIP program.   Middle School, High School and College students with a desire to have fun and a desire to work with individuals with disabilities often make the best buddies.    Buddies should be devoted to making the VIP program the best possible experience for VIP players.   Buddy volunteer time is a rewarding way to serve the community and to even meet community service requirements at your school.   Buddies can volunteer for as few or as many hours as fits their schedule. At a minimum this would include several hours for training and one hour of field time as a buddy.   Throughout a season buddies will have the opportunity for an additional 24 or more field hours of volunteer time.
  2. Coaches:  Often the best coaches for the VIP program are those who have a background of working with special needs students and individuals.  This often includes teachers and teaching assistants in Special Education programs, students in similar programs, students in disability studies programs, social work programs and other programs where they may work with and have the interest in working with individuals with disabilities.   Neither past experience of working directly with individuals with disabilities, nor past soccer experience is required.  What is required is the following:

-          An easy going, friendly demeanor

-          The ability to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the word flexible

-          An open mind and heart

-          A desire to work with VIP players

-          A willingness to learn and attend clinics and training

-          A commitment to everyone having fun: players and volunteers!

The time commitment for the VIP coaches will be approximately four hours per week during the season.  There are three four week sessions planned for the upcoming season (fall, winter and spring).


For Sponsors:  Sponsor a player, a buddy or the league in general.  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.    Last year we had enough sponsors to offer the program free of charge for all players and also to purchase some equipment including the four foot wide just for fun soccer ball.   This year we would like to add equipment including indoor balls, continue to offer the program at no charge to players and also secure an indoor facility for the winter months. SHIP AYSO is a tax deductible 501©(3) non-profit.  100% of all donations are tax deductible.

Everyone deserves the chance to play.  Come out and show your support for the only VIP soccer program in the region.   Play, Volunteer or Sponsor, AYSO- Shippensburg VIP!

Contact information:  Interested players, volunteers or sponsors should contact the VIP coordinators directly at 304-629-0786 (Jerry) or 304-629-0343 or 717-477-2148 (Betty).   You may also contact  Ship AYSO directly at (Ricky).  Volunteers and players can fill out their registration forms at  Additional information is available at the Ship AYSO web-site ( and via the Ship AYSO facebook page.



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